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I am a Senior UNIX System Administrator with over twelve years
of experience.

Currently specializing in IBM AIX Pseries LPAR Systems (P570)
Recent Accomplishments

Currently I am serving as a Senior AIX / UNIX System Engineer /
Administrator for Intermountain Health Care of Utah.

Just over three years ago I finished designing and installing a new
PeopleSoft hardware architecture for the City and County of Denver.
The architecture incorporates new Logical Partition technology on
IBM P570 servers, VMware Virtual Server technology on Dell Intel
Servers,as well as the City's EMC storage area network.
This architecture now serves as the platform for the City and
County's ERP, CRM, HR, and Financial systems as well as Mayor
Hickenlooper's 311 system initiative.

In addtion to the design and installation of the Pseries hardware
architecture I have configured over 2 terabytes of storage to these
systems on the EMC san utilizing bcv mirrors and custom scripts to
perform backups and database refreshes.

I have also recently installed and configured a new Tivoli server to
perform backups and archives for this new architecture.

I have also managed one other project of this type for the Jefferson
County Public School District of Colorado with the migration of their
PeopleSoft Systems from Legacy HP-UX systems to AIX systems
and EMC hardware.

In additition to my current study of Logical
Partitioning and Virtual Server Technology on workstations and
mainframes my background also includes:

•        Development of a Linux based Transparent Proxy server
configuration for Jefferson County Schools utilizing Squid,
IPTables, and router redirection of HTTP (Internet) traffic to replace
older proxy server configuration removing the need to configure
17,500 desktops by LAN Technicians. This has resulted in large
reduction of man hours required to configure, troubleshoot,
upgrade, and maintain desktop proxy server use which is needed
to conserve bandwidth usage and provide Internet content filtering.
The ability to conserve bandwidth between the schools and their
main Internet connection allows the district to spend less on these

•        Development and implementation of an integrated program to
protect the confidentiality of Jefferson County School District's
information resources through the use of an Apache Reverse Proxy
(ARP). This machine serves as the front end to all district web
servers and web based applications requiring only one encryption
certificate for all district web servers reducing certificate costs
substantially. This system also facilitated the PeopleSoft employee
self service system allowing employees to access pay check stubs
and personnel records saving
the district approximately $50,000 in annual printing and postage

•        Creation of automation scripts to synchronize business
continuance volumes (BCV's) or disk mirrors of database data
disks allowing databases and applications to be brought back on
line quickly improving database and application availability. I also
created automation scripts to begin veritas backup software
processes to copy this data to tape. This allows backup of
database data to take place from mirror disks while databases are
up and running.

•        Performance of all routine system administration tasks on a
daily basis including operating system installation, upgrades,
patches, performance tuning, security, file system maintenance,
backups, application installation, and disaster recovery.

•        Served as the Backup Oracle Database Administrator for
Jefferson County Public Schools.

Additional accomplishments and capabilities are highlighted in my
resume. If you have any questions, I can be reached at the number
and email address listed on the
contact page.
Over Twelve Years of UNIX System

Nine Years of IBM AIX UNIX Experience.

Seven Years Working with EMC Enterprise
Storage Systems.